About Our Park

This isn’t just a sports complex, and it isn’t just a rec center… There is something for everyone at this “park,” from the travel sports athlete to their little siblings, residents of the city and music fans in the region. Everyone can find their home at Sand Mountain Park.

Sand Mountain Park is a 130 acre park that incorporates state of the art athletics, as well as many age and all-ability inclusive features that are meant to serve both Albertville and Marshall County as a whole. Open to the public, even during events, the park is interconnected by paved and mulched walking/biking paths and playgrounds.

Park Facilities

Competition Athletic Facilities

  • Baseball — 4 All-Weather Turfs

  • Basketball — Indoor & Outdoor
  • Multi-purpose — Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, etc…
  • Softball — 5 All-Weather Turf Fields
  • Swimming — Indoor Competition Pool
  • Tennis — Hard Clay Court Options
  • Volleyball — Indoor Court

Fitness Center Activities

  • Individual & Group Fitness

  • Elevated Running Track

  • Racquetball Courts

  • Recreation Pool

  • Party Rooms, Kitchen, and Conference Rooms

  • Locker-rooms, Childcare

  • Indoor/outdoor Dining Areas

  • Outdoor Fitness/Yoga Lawn

What Sand Mountain Park Has to Offer

State-of-the-Art Athletic Facilities

Places for Friends and Families in the Community

Built for the Health and Wellbeing of the Region

Why Sand Mountain Park?

The new Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater was so named in order to signal to all of Marshall County that this is their home, too.

“We designed this park to be a boost to the economies of all of Marshall County as well as Albertville by making sure we have the perfect balance of athletics and community-designed facilities.” — Mayor Tracy Honea

Community Features

  • Regional playground and splash pad located in the Sand Mountain Park.
  • Universally inclusive design with 2-5-year-old play structure areas and 5-12-year-old play structure areas.
  • There are 43 elevated play events and 34 ground level play events.
  • Designed using the 7 principles of inclusive design and play.
  • 1/8 mile fenced walking track within the park area.
  • Purposefully designed point of entry to the playground.